Howard Weliver Fine Art | Enchanted Fine Art from Taos, New Mexico
A multi-medium, diverse American artiist living in Taos, New Mexico
sculpture, paintings, prints, art for sale, new mexico fine art, taos fine art
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Howard Weliver Fine Art

Let There Be Light

incorporates LED-based “neon” shapes as a basis of abstract, street-style art he refers to as “abstreet”. Opting to use alcohol-based ink mops, paint sticks and enamel-based markers over traditional paintbrushes, he creates a visual language of color, movement and excitement. The technology of the light draws in viewers, where they interact with the paintings, getting close and personal. The current works incorporate layers upon layers of colorful paint, as if they were actually left on the street for multiple artists to leave their mark-drawing the viewer deeper into the art beyond what seems like very simple neon shape.

Article in the Taos News.

Contact Me about commissions or purchasing an existing piece.