Howard Weliver Fine Art | Portfolio Categories Low Brow
A multi-medium, diverse American artiist living in Taos, New Mexico
Taos artist, New Mexican artist, fine art, pop art, paintings, sculptures, assemblage, fine art prints, neon art, fine art for sale, found object arts, new native american art, contemporary artist, new mexican modern artist, street art, abstreet art

Feel up The Cat

16″ x 16″ mixed media on panel $550.00 prints available. Low brow of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat having fun. ...

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12″ x 12″ mixed media on panel $250.00 prints available. Low Brow interpretation of Pinocchio watching porn on a smart phone with the inevitable results. ...

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Stay Puft

12" x 12" mixed media on panel $250.00 prints available. Low Brow version of the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man roasting a human figure over a campfire....

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20" x 20" neon, acrylic and alcohol ink on/in panel. $400.00...

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For those who don't get the reference, it was the prisoner number of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. ...

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Mach 5

18" x 18" neon, epoxy, enamel and alcohol ink on panel Available through Vagrant Heart Gallery....

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