Howard Weliver Fine Art | Enchanted Fine Art from Taos, New Mexico
A multi-medium, diverse American artiist living in Taos, New Mexico
sculpture, paintings, prints, art for sale, new mexico fine art, taos fine art
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Howard Weliver Fine Art

Spirit Animal

A  “Spirit Animal” is an animal essence who present life’s lessons. The Spirit Animal is the one who comes to you in order to show you, through its own unique nature and skills, how to deal with the manifestations of your sacrad journey.  Spirit Animals do not necessarily guide you, but they come to teach you that which you need to learn, in order to know how meet the challenges of your journey.

You do not choose your Spirit Animal, it chooses you.

As the name implies, the animal messenger delivers the directive from the ethereal realm that you need to pay attention to in your current situation. They often appear in dreams and meditations or while you are on your spirit walk. Their visits are usually sudden and they often depart as quickly as they arrive, but they can also be quite persistent and repeatedly present themselves in a way that cannot be ignored. Look and listen carefully to what they have come to show you for you need to accept and  understand the message they are attempting to impart.

Contact Me about commissions or purchasing an existing piece.