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Artist Statement

Long before the written language existed, humans over the millennia used pictures and symbols to depict their worlds. In prehistoric times cave paintings illustrated the struggle for existence, and both Greek and Roman mythologies relied heavily on symbols to represent their beliefs.

Building upon the influence of street and Pop Art, Howard continues to incorporate what he has learned from ancient and contemporary cultures into a visual celebration: an eye-opening explanation of our religions, warmongering, politics, ethnicity, nature, sex, and life and death.


Howard spent 30 years as a commercial artist creating logos, the modern and mainstream equivalent of ancient symbolism, which today dot the corporate American landscape. His success in the field came from his ability to simplify subject matter to its bare essence. Upon Covid-19, he and his wife dissolved their graphic design company to pursue Fine Art careers in a full-time capacity. Public Collections include Gibson Guitar Town at Austin Bergstrom International Airport. He is currently working on “Put a Bird On It”, the venue will be announced in late 2022.


2022- Taos Fall Arts Show

2022 - Taos Mainstreet Utility Box installation

2022 - Winter show at Blumenschein Museum

2022 - TCA Member Show

2021 - Las Laguna Art Gallery - Purely Abstract group show (Laguna Beach, CA)

2020 – Winter show at Blumenschein Museum

2019 – Miniature Show at Millicent Rogers

2019 – Taos Art Insurgency

2019 – Taos is Art – Bent Street installation

2019 – “Let There Be Light” (solo show at the Taos Center for the Arts)

2019 – TCA, Self Portrait Show. January 7th – March 4th.

2018 – Vanessa Lacy Gallery – Holiday Small Works Show (Kansas City, MO)

2007 – Modern Mythology (solo show at the Canvas Gallery)

2006 – State Fair of Texas Sculpture exhibition

2005 – Gibson Guitartown

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