Howard Weliver Fine Art | Enchanted Fine Art from Taos, New Mexico
A multi-medium, diverse American artiist living in Taos, New Mexico
sculpture, paintings, prints, art for sale, new mexico fine art, taos fine art
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Howard Weliver Fine Art

Either circle or square, materials from everywhere, I don’t follow the typical Fine Art rules because I just don’t care.

  • All
  • Anti-Pop
  • Landscape
  • mixed media
  • Neon
  • Painting
  • Sculpture


mixed media / Neon / Painting


Anti-Pop / Painting


Anti-Pop / Painting

Having just moved to Taos, New Mexico, I have found myself inspired by the high desert landscapes and Tiwa (Native American) culture. Currently I am experimenting with mixed media (found objects, wire, etc.) on reclaimed wood that reflect on my new perceptions living in this enchanted area.

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