Howard Weliver is an artist, sculptor and graphic designer. From college, it was silk-screening, painting, sculpture and photography and finally a Masters in commercial art degree. Howard is owner and graphic designer, with his wife, Lauren Weliver, in their company - Nosh Creative. Through his 25 years in commercial art, he has found the simplification of ideas translate well into the fine art realm. Concepts engage people on a subconscious level and therefore leave an impression well beyond the initial viewing of the work.


In 2007, Howard Weliver had a solo show “Modern Mythology” in Dallas, TX. It was a modern take on how Greek Mythology myths might be perceived today through the eyes of modern art. Howard continued to work on his until he and his wife fell in love with the idea of full-time travel. So he took a 3 year break from art to travel full time in their RV, the NoshBus. Selling the house in Dallas and 98% of his stuff (including art supplies), the couple took off to find inspiration for their company and life. The NoshBus allowed him the freedom to wake up somewhere new almost everyday, sometimes it was the beach and sometimes it was the desert. After 28 states, 30k miles and no exit strategy, they landed in Taos, NM. Howard was overwhelmed with the beauty, history, diversity and art community. It was inspiring! Thye left Taos and headed back to Texas for the holidays in 2017, but not before purchasing 5 beautiful acres in Arroyo Hondo, NM.


Being back on their property and surrounded by the many artists in Taos, his passion to make art was top priority. In preparation for his solo show in March, Howard is working out of an 1973 25’ Tradewind Airstream, that they called the ArtStream. After living in the NoshBus for 3 years, it doesn’t take much space to create. His “Let There Be Light” show incorporates LED-based “neon" shapes as a basis of abstract, street-style art he refers to as "abstreet". Opting for such tools as alcohol-based ink mops, paint sticks and enamel-based markers over traditional paint brushes, he creates a visual language of color, movement and excitement. The technology of the light draws in viewers, where they interact with the paintings, getting close and personal.


His 2019 show at the Taos Center for the Arts, “Let There Be Light” stepped away from the concepts of mythology and into a more abstract approach. Those works had layers upon layers of colorful paint, as if they were actually left on the street for multiple artists to leave their mark-drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into the art beyond what seems like very simple neon shape(s). Howard’s inspiration for that style came from all of life’s colorful experiences, not your normal approach to art, but sometimes it’s good to take the road less traveled, to find the light.

In the Spring of 2019, Howard and his wife moved “into town” to their current residence on Kit Carson Rd. His new works have moved away from the abstract to an embracement of that are more reminiscent of Northern New Mexico. Including vast landscapes, indigenous people and resident wildlife.




2020 – Winter show at Blumenschein Museum

2019 – Miniature Show at Millicent Rogers

2019 – Taos Art Insurgency

2019 – Taos is Art – Bent Street installation

2019 – “Let There Be Light” (solo show at the Taos Center for the Arts)

2019 – TCA, Self Portrait Show. January 7th – March 4th.

2018 – Vanessa Lacy Gallery – Holiday Small Works Show (Kansas City, MO)

2007 – Modern Mythology (solo show at the Canvas Gallery)

2006 – State Fair of Texas Sculpture exhibition

2005 – Gibson Guitartown